HØYOKTAN: Psycho Energetic

Love Tunes



1. You choose
2. Different hellow's
3. Nice fun translation
4. Psycho energetic love tune

Lars Høygaard: Sax
Emil Brahe: Synth
Aske Krammer: Drums


Recorded, produced and mastered at Kosmos Solo HQ.


Høyoktan’s Psycho Energetic Love Tunes is a demented motorcycle ride into the minimalistic free jazz void. The saxophone is screaming at seagulls, the synth is burning down a haunted house and the drums are twitching like an interpretive dancer having an epileptic fit.

Høyoktan’s follow-up to their debut Fill It Up! was recorded in one take, on a fine afternoon during a spontaneous coffee break.

Let the love flow.

Go bonkers.